Reality TV

All you see on television these days is reality TV shows. From singing competitions, to dating shows, to people making themselves look like idiots and getting paid large sums of money to do it. I’m looking at you, every MTV reality show ever… Love it or hate it, reality TV is here to stay.

Some of these shows are getting more and more ridiculous. These reality show producers have come up with some great ideas over the years, but lately it seems like they have just given up on the creativity and will just make a show about anything. Do I really need to watch a show about the Amish Mafia? Actually yes, I’ll be tuning in for that one. 

But seriously, how many singing competition shows do we really need? How many of these “winners” do we actually ever hear from again? I would say about only 10% of these people actually make something of themselves. 

It seems like all these contestants are required to have some sort of sad story to get on the show. And some of these contestants are stretching the severity of their “sob” stories.

Contestants statement before their performance while sobbing on national television:  “I’m gonna win this competition for my best friends, mothers, second cousins, coworker, who was diagnosed with genital herpes!”

Just one time I would like a contestant who doesn’t really need the money, and is just talented, to come on the show and just be honest. I want them to just come out and say, “I don’t really need this shit, I’m just doing this for fun.” And then just kill it and win it over the guy that knows someone, that knows someone living with genital herpes. Lets have the guy who is actually more talented win, rather the bum who “needs to win.” 

But at the end of the day, why do we really watch these reality TV shows? I think it’s because we want to see the realness in people. We want to be a part of the the emotional roller coaster that these contestants are put through. We laugh, we cry, and we feel every moment whether joyous or sad. And when it’s all over we get to feel their sense of accomplishment of winning. Watching someones life change before our very eyes. It is truly the American Dream.

My Center Fielder ladies and gentlemen… #KickBall #Viking

My Center Fielder ladies and gentlemen… #KickBall #Viking

I think this best describes my style.

I think this best describes my style.

Socially Awkward Networking

I would estimate that a majority of my friends on Facebook, keep up with it everyday, post by post and never miss a beat. I have to admit that I was once one of these people. I never missed a post. This makes things extremely awkward sometimes when I actually encounter some of my Facebook friends in the “real world.” I totally know what you did last night, where you vacationed last month, or how many kids you have from reading your constant status updates. Although I will never actually admit to seeing these post because I think it makes me seem like I have nothing better to do then to troll Facebook.

I’ve actually mastered the art of not bringing up your stupid updates and just letting you tell me about them personally. Pretty much playing dumb when you ask “Did you see my status the other day?”
"No, tell me about it."

It gets extremely awkward when you bring up a past post of mine, especially if we rarely make any Facebook contact. For instance, if we’ve never “liked” one another’s post and I see you out in the “real world”, and you suddenly reference one of my past status updates, I immediately think that you are a stalker and become extremely uncomfortable…

I’ve come to the point in my life where I honestly don’t give a shit about your retarded status updates that are probably 90% fictional… Or the pictures of you on instagram pretending to be having a good time when you are actually miserable and bored out of your mind.
At this point when i do find myself scrolling through Facebook, I get about a few post deep then realize how much i don’t give a shit anymore and immediately close Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I still post and I still am a total narcissistic like whore when it comes to my post, but I just don’t care what you guys have to say anymore. Sorry “Friends…”

You can also develop these skills by turning tricks… #TricksAreForKids

You can also develop these skills by turning tricks… #TricksAreForKids

This means my barista wants the D right? #ValentineDay

This means my barista wants the D right? #ValentineDay

Reading is for Suckers

I truly believe that reading is for suckers. Yes, if you are reading this then you my friend are a sucker… JK, please don’t stop reading this.

Let me rephrase this. I believe that people that read books for pleasure, are suckers. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that reading is essential to advance yourself. You must read in order to study and get good grades. You have to read instructional books to pass your class or learn something new. Reading can be detrimental in molding yourself into the person you want to be in life.

Now if you read for “fun” then you are a sucker! If you have read every Harry Potter book, then you need to take your ass outside and do something more productive. Reading books for pleasure has never made anybody rich. It has just wasted a lot of time and effort that you could have been using to do something more productive with yourself.

Daughter - Hey mom, I’ve just finished reading the twelfth Harry Potter book!

Mom - Oh Sally, I’m so proud of you!

This scenario has never happened. Ever…

Son - Pop, I hit a walk off grand slam! We’re headed to the state championships!

Father (in his mind) - I’M RICH BITCH!!!!

This scenario is more likely…

I was one of the $155 million dollars worth of people who saw The Hunger Games on opening weekend. And it was good, but if you’re one of those people who always say “Oh the book was sooo much better then movie” then please kill yourself. And sorry, you are wrong. No. No it wasn’t… 

There really is no point to reading for pleasure. All the good books are made into movies anyway. Why would I want to imagine something in my head, rather then actually see it with my eyeballs? This makes no sense to me what so ever. So go ahead and read, if you want to be a sucker, but I’ll wait for that next “good read” to come out in the theater instead of wasting my time reading books. With that said I hope you enjoyed reading this. ; )

Whores of the Industry

Whores of the industry. We all know them for some reason. Not really sure why some are famous, while others are famous for making fools out of themselves for the world to see. Hate em or love em, they unfortunately are here to stay. At least until their 15 minutes are up or money runs out.

  • Paris Hilton - She is famous because her family owns a bunch of shitty hotels. You never hear about the Ramada brothers. I wonder what they’re up too? I’m sure they’re out there causing hell making it rain on bitches in strip clubs.
  • Snooki - A perfect example of what being retarded on television for the world to see can get you. 
  • Kim Kardashian - She is famous for laying there and taking it from a BBC on camera. Classy…
  • Lindsay Lohan - This is actually a sad story because I actually liked her until the drugs and dysfunctional family came into play. But even with her crazy life, she is more entertaining now, then when she actually had an acting career. TMZ is always breaking news stories about her. She is a train wreck.
  • Charlie Sheen - He is actually considered an “Actor” but these days he is more known for his drug use and hooker afflictions. Winning!

All of these people do not deserve the attention they receive on a daily basis.They have absolutely zero talent what so ever, and the only reason we know who they are is because they are complete idiots. These people are not role models and should not be looked up to.

Maybe if we all ignore them, they will go away. So next time you are at the supermarket check out and see that article in US Weekly about a Kardashian, just say no. Don’t indulge, and don’t click on the latest Lohan family news on TMZ's website. Lets start paying more attention to people who actually make a difference and not these rejects. Help get these Whores of the Industry out of our lives for good.

Super Star, It Factors

Derek Jeter diving into the stands for a foul ball.

After not watching the Pro Bowl last night, because I have much better things to do like googling myself, I’ve come to realize that there are “Good players”, and then there are “Super Stars”. There are players that are just good enough to be in the league and there are the elite players who strive to win. People who just want to get their stats up, make the money, and drive fancy cars, are not Super Stars. Just because you are good, does not make you a winner.

There is a certain mentality when it comes to being a winner. You have to have IT. IT is not something you can learn. You are born with IT. Not saying you can’t be talented or even a champion with hard work and proper training, but I’m talking about a certain mentality that only few have.

Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning. These are people that have IT. IT is what makes these men great. IT is what drives them to win. These men are champions. You can see it in there eyes when the game is on the line. They absolutely refuse to lose. They will do what ever it takes to win.

Unfortunately not everybody has this in them. And I wish more people in sports or in life  had this mentality. It is truly a great trait to have. To want to succeed, no matter what you are doing, whether it is football or what ever you are passionate about. You have to be the best at it. To win. To be a Super Star. To have IT


Dear people who think Facebook is your personal diary,

It’s not. Please stop.

Facebook is getting way too personal these days. I’m starting to see random conversations with people I don’t know or don’t really give a shit about. Frankly it’s getting quite annoying.

Sure I know a lot of you like to post the coolest of cool shit you did while on vacation or how totes wasted you got at happy hour last Friday night but in reality you’re just as lame as I am writing this blog entry.

I am sick of seeing the pictures of girls all dolled up, duck facing in their bathroom mirror. I wanna see real photos. I wanna see pics from the morning after when you’re doing the walk of shame and you forgot where you parked and can’t find your keys. That’s what I wanna see. The after.

I think we should start living out our lives more and act like normal human being’s by interacting with each other in real life. How about you call, text, email or write me a fucking letter rather then “write on my wall” for the entire Facebook community to see how much of a loser you and I are.

I’m not saying I’m giving up Facebook or anything because I do feel like it keeps people in the loop with one another but I feel it has gone way too far these days. So maybe instead of poking me on Facebook, you come and give me a shove in real life. I think I’d appreciate that more.